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The characteristic rural tourism of the town of Soajo

Rural tourism not Soajo

Rural tourism in Soajo is a form of tourism that has gained prominence in the region, offering visitors the opportunity to experience country life, learn about the local culture and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Soajo is a small parish located in the Peneda-Gerês National Park, in the north of Portugal. This region is known for its stunning scenery, rich history and cultural traditions. Rural tourism in Soajo is based on the idea of ​​offering visitors the opportunity to experience authentic rural life, providing an alternative to conventional tourism.

Rural tourism not Soajo

Soajo is a privileged location in accommodation

One of the main characteristics of rural tourism in Soajo is the offer of accommodation in traditional rural houses. These houses have been restored and adapted to receive tourists, maintaining their original architecture and offering a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Visitors can experience country life, staying in stone houses, enjoying beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

The rural attractions of Soajo

In addition to the charming accommodation, Soajo offers a variety of outdoor activities for tourists to explore. Visitors can hike along the region's trails, discovering impressive landscapes, such as mountains, valleys, streams and forests. It is also possible to go horseback riding, visit nearby traditional villages and participate in agricultural activities such as fruit picking and production of local products.

Soajo granaries
Turismo Rural no Soajo

The Ethnographic and Historical Museum of Soajo

The Ethnographic and Historical Museum of Soajo is a place that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the rich history and local culture. It houses a collection of historical artifacts, household items, agricultural tools and other objects that portray the daily life of Soajo inhabitants over the centuries. The museum plays an important role in preserving the cultural identity of the region, providing valuable information about the traditions, customs and way of life of its inhabitants.

Soajo festivities

The cavada is a traditional event that takes place in Soajo. It is an ancestral tradition in which the inhabitants gather to clean the rural paths, especially the paths that lead to the Sanctuary of Senhora da Peneda. During the digging, participants walk the paths with hoes and other tools to remove vegetation and ensure that the paths are passable. This tradition is a form of community unity and respect for religious devotion.

The traditional Soajo Carnival is a colorful and lively party that takes place annually. During this celebration, residents and visitors dress up in extravagant costumes, masks and hold parades through the streets of the village. Carnival is marked by dances, music and lots of fun, providing a moment of joy and relaxation for the community.

The feasts of S. Pedro are a religious tradition that honors the patron saint of Soajo, São Pedro. These festivities take place in June and include masses, processions, traditional dances, live music and cultural activities. It is a moment of religious devotion, but also of celebration and conviviality among residents and visitors.

"Feira de Artes e Ofícios" e o "Soajo Outdoor Fest"

Feira de Artes e Ofícios: A “Feira de Artes e Ofícios” é um evento que geralmente reúne artistas, artesãos e criativos para exibirem e venderem as suas obras de arte e produtos feitos à mão. É um local onde os visitantes podem explorar uma variedade de trabalhos artísticos, como pinturas, esculturas, joias, cerâmicas, têxteis, entre outros. Além da oportunidade de adquirir peças únicas e exclusivas, os participantes também podem aprender sobre as técnicas e processos criativos por trás de cada obra. A feira muitas vezes promove uma atmosfera cultural e social, proporcionando um ambiente onde os artistas podem interagir com o público e compartilhar as suas histórias e inspirações.

Soajo Outdoor Fest: O “Soajo Outdoor Fest” é um evento voltado para os amantes de atividades ao ar livre e desportos de aventura. Geralmente realizado numa localização natural deslumbrante, como uma área montanhosa ou rural, o festival oferece uma série de atividades como caminhadas, escaladas, mountain bike, corrida em trilhos, canoagem, entre outras. O objetivo é celebrar a natureza, promover um estilo de vida ativo e saudável, e proporcionar experiências emocionantes para os participantes. Além das atividades desportivas, o festival pode incluir workshops, palestras e demonstrações relacionadas a aventuras ao ar livre, bem como uma atmosfera de confraternização entre os entusiastas do outdoor.

The preservation of rural tourism in Soajo

 Rural tourism in Soajo offers visitors a unique experience of life in the countryside, allowing them to get closer to nature, get to know the local culture and enjoy the tranquility and authenticity of the region. At the same time, this type of tourism brings economic benefits to the local community, encourages the preservation of cultural and natural heritage and can help to diversify the local economy. However, careful planning is needed to mitigate negative impacts and ensure that rural tourism is sustainable in the long term.

Rural tourism not Soajo

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